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60% of businesses now have a company blog. Does yours?

Don’t have time to update your blog? We’ll supply you with regular, quality posts.  Allowing you to tap into new opportunities, open new doors for your business, and save time for more important things.

Having a blog is an opportunity to establish your business as an authority in your industry; it helps you form relationships with potential customers; and it allows you to show off a bit that you really know what you’re talking about. Your blog posts need to be educational, informative and entertaining, and preferably at the same time.

Blogging helps websites build credibility and trust, connect with new audiences online and generate leads. Even search engines love blogs.  Unfortunately, maintaining a popular blog can be difficult. Blog writing requires a constant source of ideas, time and digital marketing know-how. That’s where we come in.  Our blog writing service will help you take advantage of the amazing benefits of blogging without the workload. Get in touch with Zana Media today!

Why You Should Blog, The Facts:

  • Over 60% of consumers have purchased goods based on a recommendation by a blog writer
  • For social media blog posts are ideal. They attract visitors & convert interest into action
  • Sites with blog posts have more inbound links and are packed with keyword phrases,  increasing Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Evidence shows thance you have written between 21 – 54 blog posts, your blog traffic generation increases by up to 30%.
  • People prefer doing business with websites that blog regularly, as they look like healthy and thriving brands.
  • Research shows that small businesses that embrace blogging see 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don’t blog.

The blog writing service provided by Zana Media has been built with your business at its heart. What we mean by that is, when you publish blog posts, whether topical or for the SEO benefits, they need to sound like they’re really coming from you. That’s why our blog writing service takes the time to perfect your tone of voice, really get to know your business and customer, and make doubly sure that the topics we write your blog posts about are right for your business.

We’ll write an SEO optimised blog within a word count that matches what we’re writing about. For instance, an extensive guide should get 1,000-3,000 words, while a news or hot-topic post should be a shorter read, around 500 words. Trust us as experts with your content.

Long-Term Blogging Strategies by Zana Media

Zana Media can provide blogging services for companies looking to commit to a long-term blogging strategy. This includes a blogging strategy, title brainstorming, blog writing and publishing on your company blog.

Contact us to discuss our speciality blogging services:

  • Product Blogging to push awareness about a company’s products and the different features they have
  • Lead Generation Blogging used as a standalone source to acquire prospects, or to assist an existing marketing activity
  • Brand Exposure Blogging will ensure your business stands out amongst the competition
  • Internal Communications Blogging used by an organisation to reach its organisational goals.

To order our services or if you require more details of any service and price alternatives. Please email to admin@zana.solutions, use our Contact Form, or call +44 (0)23 9298 2238 during normal office hours.

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