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Link Building

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We deliver the best link building strategies for SEO and brand reputation.

Improving link & social signals is a must for all websites who wish to be competitive in the search results. The term ‘link building’ is actually quite outdated, as it’s really about providing compelling reasons to attract links rather than ‘building’ them.

Although Google now use more than 200 signals in their algorithm for scoring websites, hyperlinks are still one of the most important signals to maximise a site’s visibility. We help develop your marketing & content strategy to provide reasons to earn those links. A successful campaign will build relationships, increase referral traffic and brand awareness, while improving relevancy and passing weight to the website to improve rankings.

Trusted Relevant Links

Our link building strategies include theme based high-quality SEO links that Google finds useful. Our research-based approach builds one-to-one relationships with real site owners, no links from networks are accepted. To keep your site safe from future penalties, we have a strict set of quality guidelines that our team follows when building backlinks. Our SEO link building uses cutting edge techniques to source the best possible link placements for your business or your clients.

Custom Link Building

We’ll plan a campaign tailored for your business. We do up-front research, provide a long term plan and put that plan into action.Our in-depth research enables us to provide you with high-quality backlinks from a diverse range of sources. We focus not only on which links work now, but which will work in the future to ensure the longevity of your rankings.  We will work to ensure link building is fully integrated into your marketing strategy.

Local SEO Links

We don’t just sell massive packages of cheap local links. Our process includes a full audit. We will understand what links work in your niche. This approach saves time and gets you better results. We don’t use software. All links are manually placed. We use a variety of link anchor text. You get all of the login information for each site we place your link on allowing you to make changes as your business grows. We analyae your niche and select sites that actually pass trust. No time wasted on building garbage links from pointless directories that pass no juice.

Link Building Site Selection Criteria

The sites we select have to pass our strict quality guidelines. Low on advertising, quality content and socially engaged.  We work directly with the site owners meaning links can be placed quickly or edited if the needs arises. We have close control over your links.  Relevance is the new PageRank. We work with the site owners to ensure your link is placed naturally and the content is highly relevant. Initially, we can supply you with the sites to approve. Once you trust us just relax and let us place the links and we’ll send you a report after every job.

How long will it take to see results?

This is the question that everybody wants an answer to. The answer of course depends on your current rankings, your competition, and the number of keywords we’re working with. But generally speaking by the three month mark you’ll see improvements and by six months we’re all best friends. Sometimes it goes faster and sometimes it goes slower but we all want the project to be as successful as possible.

Contact us

To order our services or if you require more details of any service and price alternatives. Please email to admin@zana.solutions, use our Contact Form, or call +44 (0)23 9298 2238 during normal office hours.

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