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Optimising Content for Discovery and Conversion

Some industry experts have stated that, “SEO is dead”,“not the practice, but the term.”  Feeling that in recent years SEO had come to stand for the spammy, often unethical practices of sneaky “black-hat” SEO practitioners.  As Google has cracked down on these practices and as consumers have moved to other avenues of finding content (social media sites, blogs, aggregators, etc.), SEO has been swallowed whole by a much broader set of necessary considerations.

However, many legitimate SEO best practices are still not only relevant but are highly effective with the rising importance of all forms of content.  Instead of simply declaring SEO dead,  we argue that it should be incorporated into a new, more comprehensive framework for outlining the necessary approach content marketers should take to promoting and building content effectively, a framework known as OC/DC, or optimising content for discovery and conversion.

OC/DC is a more holistic and goal-driven approach to content marketing. SEO’s narrow focus not only does not address all the avenues through which consumers now discover content, but its tight constraints also can negatively influence the content creation itself.

Readers First, Algorithms Second

Google has made it crystal clear that it will always favour content that is valuable to people over content that is written primarily to rank for Google. Not only have they emphasised this over and over on their blog, they’ve made dozens of changes to their search algorithm that reflect this decision.

There are certain SEOs (the ones who don’t seem to heed Google’s warnings) that live in constant fear of the next Google algorithm change. The reason for their concern is that the content they produce and the SEO tactics they use, in large part, pander to Google’s algorithm changes instead of actually suiting and serving real readers.

Creating quality content is hard, and these workarounds and hacks can seem like tempting avenues to high search engine rankings. However, constantly having to pick up the pieces when Google penalizes your efforts is probably more costly in the long run.

That’s because creating quality content from the outset might require more initial effort, but will all but guarantee that you will be immune from Google’s constant updates and very well might be helped by them. That’s because your content will be the material that Google hopes to promote instead of the keyword-stuffed spam their engineers look to punish.

Traditional SEO

Once you have ensured that you have identified your audience, understand what interests them, are producing quality content for your niche, and are doing so in a way that is establishing your site’s authority, then you can start thinking about “traditional” SEO considerations.

The claim “SEO is dead, “doesn’t mean that these practices are dead, but if you’re not creating awesome content, they’re essentially useless.

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