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Proofreading & Rewriting Services

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Proofreading Service

Clear, concise and mistake-free text on your website is fundamental to the image of your business and therefore, its success. Your website conveys information about your company globally, not only to your potential customers, but also to your business partners and competition. We optimise the accuracy and readability of content of business reports to academic texts and web copy.

Potential customers will judge your company based on what they see in writing. When a company’s documentation contains inaccuracies, readers may view the company as:  shoddy; unprofessional; disorganised; careless; and lacking in attention to detail.

By hiring professional editorial services you can transform their point of view so that they will see you as: organised; meticulous; professional; thorough; and considerate towards customers

In fact they will probably see you as the type of company that they would like to deal with, helping you to win new customers. We offer a number of proofreading, editing and rewriting services to help you make the right impression on your readership.

Our proofreading team understands your point of view and will proofread your work to ensure that it reads as required. Our proofreaders also provide comments, for example, they may highlight areas that require improvement, such as greater clarity.

To summarise, our proofreading service provides:

  • Correction of grammatical errors
  • Correction of punctuation errors
  • Correction of spelling mistakes
  • Correction of typographical errors
  • Stylistic changes.


We can proofread 5,000 words and paraphrase 2,000 words in 24 hours. If you have more words and need us to return it in 24 hours, then contact us for a quote and further details.

Rewriting Service

The quality of articles and content is the most important thing to the success of any website or publication, it’s the thing that will get new viewers and that ultimately will get people to read your material. However you need to make sure that your content is as high quality as possible.

Rewriting articles can be a challenge for a few reasons, whether you need it to simply take the content of another publication or site and make it your own or you simply want to make something better by rewriting it, rewriting articles requires you to maintain the original meaning and intention of the author while altering the words, and this is no easy thing. The good news is that we specialise in doing just that, and we offer a wide range of rewriting services for anyone who needs them. No matter what you need rewritten or what kind of help you’re looking for, we’ve got the experience, capability and dedication to providing you with any rewriting services you need.

We know how to convey the same message in different words without the slightest compromise on quality. We can rewrite everything that uses words-articles, sales letters and eBooks to name a few. Some features of our rewriting services are;

  • Fresh, Well-Written and 100% Original Content
  • SEO Friendly – Your keywords will be placed in the title, first & last paragraphs and throughout the article with a natural flow
  • Quick Turnaround Time – Within 2 Business Days
  • Ghostwritten – All Rights Will Be Transferred To You
  • 0% plagiarism and 100% Copyscape Approved.

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Zana Media will take any written text and transform it so the message remains exactly the same, but the words are completely different. Whether you’re looking to give your essays the edge, avoid duplicate content issues, create unique product descriptions that search engines love or publish articles that you own the full rights to, you can take the easy way for once by contacting us for further details of our rewriting services.

To order our services or if you require more details of any service and price alternatives. Please email to admin@zana.solutions, use our Contact Form, or call +44 (0)23 9298 2238 during normal office hours.

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