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SEO Copywriting Services

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Choose Zana Media Professional SEO Copywriting, because every word must count.

Many people are confused by the term ‘copywriting’.  So before we explain about our SEO copywriting services, let’s start at the beginning.

Copywriting is the name given to business writing, in particular any ‘copy’ which is used in marketing.  This includes the words on a website, in a product brochure or in an advert, for example.  The ‘copy’ is the words.  Copy is sometimes known, particularly on a website, as ‘content’.

Why Does SEO Copywriting Matter To Your Business?

SEO Copywriting consists of optimising website content with keywords and key phrase terms in order to be found online by people searching for your products, solutions, information or services. SEO copywriting is the foundation of your website’s optimisation.  If you neglect your website copywriting, your investment in SEO Services will be less effective.

Well crafted SEO copy ensures web page content flows seamlessly, is relevant to the overall page message and engages the visitor through unique, interesting and informative content.

Effective, persona-based copywriting also entices the visitor to take action and interact with the website, through email newsletter sign-up, downloadable reports, requesting further information or other calls to action.

Website copy writing blends both copy writing skills and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills. SEO allows us to research your business and discover the words and phrases people type in to search engines such as Google. We look for phrases people use that other websites don’t have in their copy.

Effective SEO Copywriting

Copywriting with SEO in mind for websites means writing descriptive copy for two completely different audiences and the best SEO copywriters do it seamlessly. On the one hand (and in our eyes the most important) it means writing SEO optimised copy for people. After all it’s people who read and view websites, it’s people who bookmark interesting websites, its people who will email you about your products and services and it’s people who stump up their hard-earned cash to buy online.

On the other hand, a website needs to be found online so effective copywriting and editing is absolutely essential as part of targeted search engine optimisation services to get good online visibility and to achieve high rankings.

High rankings mean more clicks, more leads and increase profit for your business. Readability is critical because we want customers to read, feel, relate, drool a little, then enquire or buy.

Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting Services

The SEO copywriter must weave your keyword terms and keyphrases delicately throughout your web page body copy. But those keywords have to come from somewhere and they have to complement the rest of the website.

Our copywriting services include comprehensive keyword research through the optimisation of other web page components such as alt text for images, headings, hyperlinks and more. Our SEO copywriting services will help your website attract quality visitors who are looking for the products, services or solutions you offer and then get them to act.

Zana Media SEO Copywriting Experts

It may seem arrogant to describe our copywriting services as expert, but it’s the truth. Just as a good plumber knows his aspiration from his elbow (both real plumbing terms!) an experienced copywriter knows his ads from his semantics. Our copywriters will get you found online, ranked highly by the search engines and respected by visitors who’ll then take action.

SEO copywriting is a complicated subject and we’re here to offer advice.  So, if you need any help or information about website copywriting, get in touch. Or, to order our services, or if you require more details of any service and price alternatives. Please email to admin@zana.solutions, use our Contact Form, or call +44 (0)23 9298 2238 during normal office hours.

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